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Welcome to TM Moore Jewelry. We are an online jewelry boutique and studio specializing in one of a kind and limited editions of jewelry designed and created by artisan T. M. Moore. It was established in April of 2018 after a change in brand. The original studio was inaugurated in 1993, and had gone through several iterations over time.
      T.M. Moore became fascinated with beads, jewelry, and design after visiting a cultural museum ehxibit in 1992. Features of bead making, history and also cultural identity led her to experimentation. She self taught in several disciplines of design over the years. Since 1993 she exhibited and sold her works at gift stores, art galleries, and at conventions and gift shows, until her retirement from the show circuit in 2017.
      Of special significance is her skill with beaded chainwork, bead making, color matching and also balance of elements in a particular design. Some of her previous works are featured here.
     Our mission is to present unique and original designs of jewelry created from imagination, with attention to current trends and also fantasy. The artist creates to appeal to the discerning shopper who wants to be distinctive and stand out from the crowd. Over the years, she has evolved from fashion jewelry to more important designs, among which are use of unusual gemstones and beads, precious metals, crystal and other alternative materials in various combinations. Her style has moved from simple to complex over time, but lately she has returned to her minimalist roots due to the current trend. She is always looking for elements to use which match her core values.
      We hope you find the catalog matches your needs in jewelry design.

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